The Freelance Cameraman Mike Sumner's Terms and Conditions

For Bookings

Upon receipt of a written brief, all productions are quoted for in writing. Upon acceptance of the quote, either a purchase order or written confirmation is preferred prior to pre production work commencing. If the original brief is changed after the production has been quoted for, then a new quote will be prepared and supplied for approval prior to pre production work commencing.


Every effort will be made to avoid or minimize cancellation costs and in most cases this is achievable. However, if specialist equipment is required and subsequently hired in, or crew is booked on a block booking basis, then there may be unavoidable cancellation costs. Full details will be highlighted at the booking stage of the production.


All invoices are VAT applicable. Terms of payment is 30 days from the date of the invoice

Contact Mike Sumner

Mobile: 07850 531 308